Mountain Biking in Nea Artaki, Euboea, Central Greece Region Greece

Total length:
28km (17.42mi)
64- 239m (209.92- 783.92ft)
Altitude difference (ascent) :
509m (1669.52ft)
Altitude difference (descent) :
502m (1646.56ft)
Difficulty level:
Nea Artaki is the second largest city in population, of Euboea island, in Greece, in the commune of Chalkideon. It's only at 10 km/6.22 mi away from Chalkida, the chief town of Euboea. It's an ideal destination to escape from the daily routine and stress.

The fresh air of the north Evoikos Gulf, the clean beaches and the hospitable and cheerful people will charm you. The people in the area are very close to the tradition.

They organize lots of events, such as moon nights festivals where music can travel you in mystery worlds. As for the theater lovers, ancient Greek drama performances take place very often on the spot. In Nea Artaki, except from fun and peaceful moments, you can express your passion for nature and the extreme activities involved in the setting. So, take your mountain bike and prepare yourself for a perfect route.

You can start your trip from the KTEO of Nea Artaki and continue to Psahna town. After 1.5 km /0.93 mi, you will find a ground road, leading you to an installation of biological cleaning. Continue your adventure trip and you will find soon a paradise full of pine trees, fresh air and mystery echos. The total length of the route is 28 km/17.42 mi long and the altitude is from 64 m to 239 m /209.92 ft to 783.92 ft. The altitude difference of the ascent is 509 m/1669 ft and for the descent is 502 m / 1646 ft.  Near the spot, you can find a mountain bike school, that can provide you with all the necessary equipment.

Take a break and ride on the coastline, where you can find nice seafood restaurants. Taste the delicious traditional Greek food, drink a glass of ouzo, or maybe two, let your best memories come out and leave everything behind you. In case, you drink too much ouzo, various comfortable accommodation options are at your disposal, providing you with excellent services.