Motocross in Nea Artaki, Euboea, Central Greece Region Greece

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Nea Artaki is located on the island of Euboea, in Greece. It's at 10 km/6 mi away from Chalkida, the capital city and the main port of Euboea. In recent years, the expansion of the two cities has connected Nea Artaki with the urban of Chalkida. The last one, it's known for the castle of Karababa, in the hill of Kanitho and the bridge of Evripos.

The waters’ direction change every 6 hours and for 1 hour they are stagnant. This unique phenomenon attracts the interest and curiosity of many people. The second bridge of Chalkida remind us how far can go the human mind.

Euboea is the second biggest island in Greece and a perfect destination. You can enjoy the sun, the clean beaches, the smile and the hospitality of the people.

For those, who want a dirty adventure in Nea Artaki, the motocross routes can give you the perfect dose of adrenaline. The path for motocross is with rugged hills, between the arid litter of streams, that create a repousse. There are two routes, that have been designed carefully. The first is the enduro in a forest path, with total length of 5 km/3 mi. The second is a motocross type, in a small track in the riverbed of Lila. So, prepare yourself  for action. Let the sound of your machine lead you in an adrenaline explosion.

If you need help, there are motocross schools with experts at your disposal.

Near the spot, there are many other activities, that you can do with your friends on your spare time. Accommodation options are also available in this beautiful place.