Mountain Biking in Candanchu, Huesca, Aragon Spain

The highest point is at:
7447ft/2270m above sea level
There is a circular mountain trek of:
The cumulative elevation is:
Candanchu is a ski resort located in the Pyrenees mountains in the north, near the borders between Spain and France. The area used to be a military camp of the French Angevin dynasty and it was named "Camp d'Anjou". The temperature varies from 2°C/35.60°F to 19°C/66.20°F throughout the year, with January being the coldest and August the warmest month.

The area offers many mountain bike trails of various lengths, through beautiful scenery, both for beginner and experienced riders.

One of the main tracks is a circular trail that starts at Candanchu at 1500 m (4921 ft) and takes you through Ibon Escalar, La Raca and Descenso Ruso. The cumulative elevation is at 1100 m (3608 ft) with the highest point at 2270 m (7447 ft) and the lowest at 1387 m (4550 ft), and the length of the trail is 32 km/19.8 mi.

There are other trails that take you through the nearby ski resort of Astun or deep into the French Pyrenees Mountains. As for the more adventurous bikers, they can even try the long tracks of over 100 km/62 mi, starting at Candanchu and reaching the towns of  Sanguesa or Puente la Reina.

The best time of the year to visit is during the summer months, June to September, as this is the only time where most trails are clear of snow and ice. There are training professionals that know the area very well, offering family or group trips to the natural environment of Candanchu. Bring your own equipment or rent everything you need from nearby stores.