Motocross in Talking Rock Arena, Jasper, Georgia USA

Trails length:
5.5 mi / 8.8 km
Trails consistence:
loose dirt mostly, sand, dust, some trees,sawdust, loamy soil and wood chips
1125 - 1150 ft / 345 – 350.5 m
Openening time / Fee:
Weekends / fee per rider, entrance-parking-camping free
Jasper is a beautiful city situated in Pickens County, Georgia, USA. It is a small city of about 4000 residents and the county seat of Pickens County. «The First Mountain City», as Jasper is nicknamed, is located 50 mi / 80.5 km north of Atlanta and is an attraction to many off road enthusiasts, as you will come across many amazing off road parks spread around the county.

If you are a motocross fun, you will enjoy this amazing park near Jasper. Talking Rock Arena is a property that consists of about 5.5 mi/8.8 km of one-way woods trails, a peewee track and a main track. All the man-made tracks are made of sawdust, loamy soil and wood chips. The area lies at an elevation of 1125 to 1150 ft/345 – 350.5 m.

The trails are marked and lightly maintained, they are not rated though. All the tracks are every MX rider’s heaven. You will come across loose dirt mostly, sand, dust and some trees so don’t expect to find a lot of shade. You can practice your tricks and run as fast as you can at the berms with small and large jumps.

Due to the consistence of the soil and the few hazards that are usually marked, the tracks are suitable mostly for amateurs, some novices and a few experts. The park is private, but the MX features are public, so there is no entrance, parking or camping fee. There is a fee per rider though.

Bear in mind that there is an opening schedule. It is opened during the weekends, weather permitting always. If you want to practice or race in front of friends, you will find spectator bleachers that overlook the area. If dirt is your passion, you will have a blast with your friends or even alone.