Mountain Biking in Mont Geraneia, Loutraki, Peloponnese Region Greece

Mount Geraneia is an impressive mountain range, situated in Corinthia and West Attica, Greece. It is consisted of the Saronian Gulf, the Gulf of Alkyonides and the Corinthian Gulf.

This beautiful mountain has made many mountain biking enthusiasts cheerful, as it is a good place for riding and having great time. Many people choose to ride this spot because of the stunning views that they will come across.

Due to the rich fauna and vegetation, the mountain has been enlisted in Natura 2000. What is more, Mont Geraneia is gifted with two really amazing places. Passing through Vouliagmeni and Maurolimni Lakes, you will have the chance to enjoy breathtaking views while riding with a lot of passion.

Not only does the spot offer endless entertainment, but it also gives you the opportunity to explore about 950 different species of plants as well as wild animals. For those who have the patience and endurance, it is strongly recommended to reach the highest point of the mountain, which is named Makryplagi and sits at an elevation of 1351 m / 4432 ft.

Here is where we realize that nature has been indeed very generous, providing us with absolutely awesome views. If you feel that only riding is not enough for you, you can have a stroll in the vicinity of the spot and admire the natural springs and many churches.