Rock Climbing in Dhokos, Chalkida, Central Greece Region Greece

Number of routes:
Difficulty level:
4b to 7b+
11-23 m (36.08-75.44 ft)
Dhokos is a housing estate on Euboea island, in Greece. It's located at 4.9 km/3.05 mi away far from Chalkida, the main town of Euboea. The origin of the name of Chalkida has been given after the mines of copper, which were thrived in the near area.

In Dhokos, you can find the peacefulness and relaxation you need to escape from your routine. Within only ten minutes from the spot, there is Chalkida where you can take a ride and have some fun. The most important distinctive features of Chalkida is the marvelous castle of  Karababa, at the hill of Kanithos and the bridge of Evripos, where you can observe that the direction of water changes every six hours, with an intermediate stagnation for one hour. The bridge opens up when the water of tide brings the water upstream.

Dhokos can offer you rock climbing moments, full of adrenaline and pleasure. You will find nine routes, waiting for  your strong hands. All routes are equipped with stainless steel plates and 2 connectors with link or karabiner to relay. You will need a halter of 60 m/196 ft length and 12 sets. The level of difficulty is from 4b to 7b+ and the height of the routes is between 11-23 m (36.08-75.44 ft).

In the vicinity of the spot, you will find a rock climbing school, in case you need help while you are flirting with the rocks. There are professionals and they can share with you their passion and knowledge for this extreme sport. Last, but not least, there are restaurants where you can taste good food, drink some wine and then you can choose a nice cafe to delish your favorite coffee. Numerous accommodation options are also available.