Mountain Biking in Sam Houston State Park Trail, Lake Charles, Louisiana USA

Trail length:
3.5 mi/5.6 km blue - 0.75 mi/1.2 km yellow
Trail level:
Trail Type:
Single track
Aerobic - Technical difficulty:
3/5 - 4/5
Overall rating:
Lake Charles city is situated on Lake Charles, Calcasieu River and Prien Lake, in the southwestern Louisiana and is the fifth largest incorporated city in the state.

Near Lake Charles, lies an awesome trail perfectly suitable for mountain biking lovers, Sam Houston State Park Trail. It is a fun, well rounded ride, divided in two rides, the blue and the yellow. The blue is the difficult one and the yellow the intermediate one. All the remaining trails are the same with no big surprises, when riding them.

The blue trail offers some pretty descending climbs, many roots and it lasts a while. On the other side, the yellow trail is kind of easy, but fun with some climbs and good flowing sections. The other 0.5 to 1 mi/0.8 to 1.6 km trail is about the same. In general, the trail is in a good shape with average climbs, some speed, lots of turns, two logs, some dips and lots of roots off – camber.

If you wish to make this route harder, all you have to do is drive faster! The best flowing section and the fastest part is the connecting trail from the main section, so be sure to ride it. The last section will lead you to the exit, which is the entrance of the park and is a fun, brand new, smooth and well marked trail.

Keep in mind that the bridges section gets slippery, when covered with pine needles. It is a trail made for everyone and has something to offer to all nature enthusiasts.