Snowboarding in Elatochori, Pieria, Macedonia Region Greece

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Some of you like the sun, the beach and as a summer lover, you prefer putting on less clothes. Some others like the mystery that's hidden underneath your clothes. Well, it's not about Shakira, but for you all snowboarders that live for the moment of being up and high and then down again.

Leave all your kinky thoughts, wear as many clothes as you can and get ready for Elatochori. It’s time for snowboarding and flirting with the power of snow. Elatochori is a small village in Greece, in the regional unit of Pieria. It’s near the Olympus mountain, and located in the south of Veroia and west of Katerini.

Nature was generous with this place. The beauty of the landscape and its hidden treasures will charm you. The ski center is at 8km from the Elatochori village and in an altitude of 1450 m/4756 ft. It’s the newest ski center in Greece and in a privileged location. It provides 10 pistes for all kind of skiers. It also offers 2 sliding lifts, 2 baby lifts and 1 aerial double seat. There is a snowboard slope for all the addicted to this sport. Feel the passion, make your tricks with your board and let your fans scream loud your name.

There is a snowboard school and a shop, in case you need an expert, or you forgot your equipment at home. Once you visit this place, it’s sure that you don’t wait the moment to say ”home sweat home”. In the ski center, you can relax in the beautiful chalet.

If you want more adventure, you can visit Ritini, where there is the old monastery of Saint George, with Byzantine monuments and paintings since the 14th and 16th century. You can also visit Katerini, at 36 km/22 mi far from the center. Join the good seafood near the sea, drink a little wine and let the rest to the hospitality of the locals. It’s time for bed, and the comfortable accommodations are waiting for you.