Skiing in Falakro, Drama, Macedonia Region Greece

1750m / 5740ft
Total pistes:
Total lifts:
Falakro is one of the most beautiful mountains in Greece. It's located in the regional unit of Drama, in northern Greece. The dense forests with oaks, confireous trees and acid, create a magic atmosphere. The flavoring of the wild flowers, the fresh air, the friendly slopes and the soft paths make this place a perfect destination.

At 1750m altittude, you will find the well organized ski center of Falakro. For the ski lovers and men of action, this is the perfect escape.

From November until April, its slopes are covered by snow of great quality. It offers 21 slopes of all kind of difficulty with 17 km/10 mi length. There are 2 slopes for begginners, 4 green, 6 red, 4 black and 1 blue. It also provides with 9 lifts. There are 2 chairlift (4per, 2per) and 7 t-bar lift/platter/button lift (5 t-bar, 2 j-bar). There are 3 chalets in the ski center. Two of them are at the base of the ski center, where you can relish a warm cup of coffee and tasteful food. The third is at 2100 m/6889 ft with an amazing view.

There are ski schools in the center with experts, in case you need to improve your skills. You can also find ski shops with all the equipment. If you want to escape from your hot games with the slopes, take a ride to the graphic villages near the spot, such as Volakas.

Find lovely accommodations and restaurants where you can taste the Greek traditional food.

If you are ready to dance with the snow, take your snow shoes and live a unique experience in Falakro.