Canyoning in Orlias Canyon, Mt. Olympus, Macedonia Region Greece

Skill Level:
5-6 Hrs
Best Season:
Mount Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece, known worldwide for its mythological importance, as according to the religion of the ancient Greeks, the 12 "Olympian" gods lived there. Located in Pieria region, on the borders of Macedonia and Thessaly, this incredible mountainous massif has a number of peaks with the highest of all, called Mytikas, reaching a top elevation of 9573 ft / 2918 m and is surrounded by deep gorges and areas of outstanding biodiversity.

Orlias Canyon nestles on the northeast slopes of Mt. Olympus, close to Dion village. Your journey begins in a truly magnificent natural surrounding with lush vegetation, steep slopes and stunning views of the gorge’s clear water. You hike the marked path of Koromilia for about an hour, until you reach the canyon entrance of Orlias II. The entrance point is at an altitude of 550 m/1804 ft while the exit point is at 320 m/1049 ft. The spot provides a lot of rappelling from 8 m/26.2 ft to 30 m/98 ft, water slides and many jumps into the beautiful waters of the stream.

The descend lasts approximately 5-6 hours and the optimum period to visit the location is from early May till late October. The Canyon is quite long with natural pools and high waterfalls, so there is another waterfall known as Orlias I, that is appropriate for less experienced participants. Keep in mind that you should bring water, swimsuit and a towel. Orlias Canyon is without a doubt, an excellent destination for canyoning in Greece!