Quad Biking in Blue Diamond MX Park, New Castle, Delaware USA

20 - 60 ft / 6 - 18 m
Berms, loose dirt, small and large jumps
Year -round
New Castle is a city in New Castle County, Delaware, located at 6 mi/10 km in the south of Wilmington and situated on the Delaware River.

If you get in New Castle, a visit in Blue Diamond MX Park is well worth it. Blue Diamond MX Park sits at an elevation of 20 to 60 ft/6 to 18 m and offers the right conditions for Quad Biking. It is an urban, man-made terrain, where you can spend the whole day enjoying yourself.

The area offers mostly loose dirt, little mud and a few hazards, which are marked. There are also some trees. The track enables you to perform small and large jumps. All trails are covered with berms and shade. The track allows many riders to exercise their activity at the same time.

The park is addressed to some novices, some amateurs and some experts. The entrance and parking lot are free. For non-member riders the fee is $50 per day. Annual memberships can be purchased for about $55 and members are permitted access to the park for $28/day.

You should also be aware that you will not find rental equipment in the park. Furthermore, while you ride, it is strictly required to wear helmet, riding boots, long sleeve shirts, long pants, gloves and goggles. So, come and have a blast getting dirty in the most exciting park!!!