Scootering in Newport Skatepark, Newport, Delaware USA

Jump boxes, flat bank hips, peg ledges
Newport is a town in New Castle County, Delaware, United States. It is widely know for being the home of colonial inventor Oliver Evans. Newport is located on the Christina River.

If you get in Newport, don’t miss to enjoy yourself in the most famous skatepark. Newport Skatepark offers to young visitors all they need for their activities. From a wide range of exciting activities, start with scootering and feel the adrenaline at the highest level.

In order for you to enjoy your activity without limits, Newport Skatepark has successfully made some changes. On the left as you go in, you will find a new street section with a lot of slightly different sized transitions. The infamous jump box has been replaced by two bigger jump boxes in a wooden rhythm section type deal.

Basically loads of peg ledges, flat bank hips and a wooden roller into a steep quarter are some of the other features, that you will come across. Additionally, the transitions are very steep. Newport Skatepark is a year-round skatepark with free admission. The park invites all scootering junkies to share their passion and forget all their worries.