Quad Biking in Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Dry period:
November to May
Rainy period:
June to October
Driving licence required
Tailor made
Angkor Wat, situated in the north east part of Cambodia, is a high rate tourist destination and a very important religious archaeological monument. Nowadays, the area attracts many extreme sport fans. This rural area, with thick rainforests and very rich flora, is a perfect natural playground for outdoor activities and especially for motor sports.

Cambodia, in the southern edge of the Indochina Peninsula, is mostly known as an archaeological site destination, rather than an activities-sports choice. Nevertheless, in the last years, it is a good option for adrenaline sports and specially for motor sports. The countryside of Angkor is an excellent spot for quad biking.

The flat, dirt country roads of the area are ideal for quad biking, offering many options between jungle trails, off-road tracks and paths through the ruins of the ancient temples. The local schools and centers are very flexible, concerning the routes and tours, offering tailor made excursions at fair prices. The special weather conditions in Cambodia (humid and warm climate) should be taken into consideration. Good physical condition is required, in order to safely enjoy your favored sport.