Quad Biking in Halde Haniel, Oberhausen, North Rhine-Westphalia Germany

Starting Point:
At the bottom of the heap
Halde Haniel in Bottrop, the second highest mining heap in the Ruhr area, just behind the heap Oberscholven, lies at about 128 m/419 ft above sea level in the vicinity of Oberhausen, offering some thrilling opportunities for practicing extreme sports.

The heap Haniel is occasionally also known as Prosper-Haniel slag heap or pile Franz Haniel. On the shared for the public part, you will come across religious, mystical, technical and cultural sculptures and objects. When expanded, the trail reaches at about one-third of the height of Eiffel Tower, and is also the highest ever accessible heap in the Ruhr.

Lengthwise with the magnificent view that is offered from the summit, makes the stockpile a destination that should take dumps, photo and nature lovers. The tailing comes primarily from the neighboring Prosper-Haniel I / II.The spot is spectacular for various extreme sports and especially quad biking.

You will find the starting point at the bottom of the heap at the south of the Cross, where 15 stations are placed in zigzag on the uphill all over to the summit. It is the most convenient way to climb this giant man made mountain. All these trails are accessible during the day and nights, so don’t miss this chance to ride this trail late at night.

If you plan to walk, due to the large amount of the very coarse gravel switchbacks to the summit, it is essential that you are in a good physical condition. The gravel trail is placed at the top along densely forest slopes while the growth on the top is quite low. Do not forget to bring water with you.