Quad Biking in Dirty Turtle Offroad Park, Bedford, Kentucky USA

750-900 ft /229- 274 m
Bedford is a 6th class city and the county seat in Trimble County, Kentucky, United States.

Dirty Turtle Offroad Park is a great Quad Biking track. This track gathers all those who want to enjoy the activity of Quad Biking. You can get in this park on Fridays from 5 pm -8 pm , Saturdays and Sundays from 9 am to 5 pm.

It sits at an elevation of 750-900 ft /229- 274 m and you will find some challenging features that will make your activity an extraordinary one. The trails in the park are not rated and are lightly maintained. During practice, you will come across some hazards, which are marked for your safety.

Because of riders traffic, it is possible to ride simultaneously with other riders. Don’t forget that helmets are paramount! The park is addressed mostly to amateur riders, some novices and little experts.

Furthermore, camping is available. Last but not least, before you visit the spot you are kindly requested to bring medical as well as Quad Biking insurance with you.