Skate Boarding in Carolina Beach, New Hanover, North Carolina USA

Covering area:
4600 ft² /428 m²
Carolina Beach is a town in New Hanover Country, North Carolina, United States. It is partially located in the Wilington metropolitan area. Carolina Beach Skate Park is an ideal place for all those people who need a place to spend their positive energy and share their passion with their friends. So, if you ever visit Carolina Beach, don't miss to enjoy skateboarding at Carolina Beach Skate Park.

The Park covers an area of 4600 ft² /428 m² and offers you all you need for your adventure. The main attraction of the park is an 8 ft/2.4 m deep and 4 ft/1.2 m shallow kidney shaped pool in the center of the park. There is also a miniature snake run which is very tight and fast. You will also find two euro gaps. Opposite side of the pool, you will see a 12 ft/3.6 m brick coped, calm shell. This is the ultimate spot for anyone to show off one’s tricks.

For those who have never tried a kind of this activity, there is a street course. In order to enjoy your favorite skateboarding in this park, admission is free. So, guys just get tired and dirty while performing this amazing activity in the most suitable place. After your activity, you can have some fun in one of the most impressive cafes, restaurants and accommodation that you will find nearby.