Kayaking in Hammocks Beach State Park, Swansboro, North Carolina USA

1½ - 2 hrs
Skill Level:
Hammocks Beach State Park is a North Carolina State Park in Onslow County. It is located near Swansboro, along the southern Outer Banks.

Hammocks Beach State Park is the proof that there are still pristine landscapes. Fortunately, the majority of visitors and locals conform with the rules of the park and they have succeeded to maintain this natural beauty. Kayaking will give you the opportunity to explore every hidden part of this outstanding place.

Just let yourself free and enjoy the meeting with this natural beauty. The park encompasses nearly 1160 ac/4.70 km² and is consisted of four main areas, the mainland, Huggins Island, Bear Island and Jones Island. Once you arrive at Hammocks Beach you will find a variety of kayaking schools to get informed about where your activity takes place. The kayak tour lasts 1½ – 2 hours. Accompanied by a guide, who will explain the historical and environmental wonders of this eco-system, you will witness indescribable beauty.

While admiring the stunning views of the Hammocks Beach, you will come across some amazing sea creatures, such as bottle nose dolphins, ospreys, great blue herons, jumping mullet, the occasional loggerhead turtle and bald eagles. This is the shortest trip, but if you are interested in something more challenging, you can choose a kayak tour in Bear Island or Hugging Island.

When you visit this place, arrange to spend a couple of days in order to enjoy the famous camping in the illuminated Hammocks Beach. Bear in mind that Hammocks Beach is accessed only by ferry or private boat. Also, marine taxi is available. There is nothing better than performing a kayak tour in a place that nature was so kind with. Can you resist?