Motorcycling in Taxenbach – Villach Tour, Carinthia Austria

Route length:
154.5 mi/248.3 km
Route duration:
3 hrs 6 min
Villach is situated in the southern Austria, right on the Drava River and is the second largest city in Carinthia. It represents an important traffic junction for the whole Alpe – Adria region as well as Austria. The city has a remarkable history as there was found the oldest human trace, dated back to 3.500 BC as well as many Roman artifacts because it was near an important road, called the Römerweg.

Villach and generally the Carinthia area is a very scenic place for motorcycling. One trip that is stunning but known only among bikers and locals, is from Taxenbach in Salzburg to Villach in Carinthia. While you ride throughout this amazing trip, you will have the Alps on one side and the road to Lienz Dolomites on the other one. When you pass Maria Luggau, the road twists into magic as the landscapes are alternating. You will drive up and down through little mountain roads, forests and fields.

Especially in spring where everything is blooming, the view is spectacular and the smells intoxicating. Some of the lovely places that you will pass are Kötschach – Maut, St. Jacob im Lesachtal, Kameritsch, Kirchbach and Hofling. The route is like a roller-coaster ride.

Eventually all the good stuff comes to an end, so at Hermagor the road 111 to Villach ends and this roller-coaster ride turns into a normal road, still a beautiful remaining one of 72 km / 44.1 mi long, left to be ridden up to Villach. You should definitely try this amazing motorcycling trip.