Motorcycling in Giulianova, Teramo, Abruzzo Italy

Campo Imperatore:
75 km² / 28.9 mi²
Campo Imperatore vertical drop:
1360 - 1120m/4461- 3674ft a.s.l
Motorcycling in the Apennines mountain chain is a very exciting adventure for the passionate of the two wheels and Abruzzo region, in central Italy, is the destination for this unique activity.

The massive, rocky mountain group creates very impressive scenery and an excellent natural routes network. The mild climate of the area allows motor – tours for longest period in a pleasant countryside. This motorcycling itinerary covers a 392 km/243 mi long distance, running the mainland of the region.

It is not particularly demanding but it needs a good preparation, due to the high altitude. Most of the route covers Campo Imperatore mountain with its 2130 m/6988 ft altitude, providing with a splendid view in each curve. From Rosetto degli Abruzzi, you follow the A24 motorway and after many curves, you reach Giulianova.