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Austrian tour, Addicted to life film

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On March 19 and for one day only in Austria, one of the most successful European Extreme Sports Film productions, Nuit de la Glisse, presents the new film "Addicted to Life". An amazing screening on the best of extreme sports around the world in perfect HD screens and crystal clear 5.1 sound.

“Addicted to Life” is the latest Nuit de la Glisse film from the action sports filmmaker Thierry Donard. He skillfully captures athletes with a passion to overcome their limits and presents dramatic images of the most remote corners of the world, as well as stunning scenes of extreme sports enthusiasts of all kinds. This time, the film not only presents the classic snow sports such as snowboarding, skiing or kayaking. The audience will also witness skillful mountain bikers, skaters, surfers, wing suit pilots and more.

"Addicted to Life"

The movie was filmed in several locations around the globe, including the Chamonix on Mont Blanc, Tahiti, the Pyrenees and the desert of Almeria. “Addicted to Life” tells the story of incredible athletes who are always looking for new challenges and can wait for a month or sometimes years for the ultimate moment, the perfect giant wave or the steeper mountain peak to give in and find themselves.

The director thrived once again with a movie that allows the audience to participate in the life of the athletes, their desire to push their limits and their irrepressible love for what they do. It’s not always about success. Failure is part of that passion and the search for the next great stunt. Thierry Donards films have become an institution for the extreme sports fans who enjoy powerful images of extreme sports, especially on the big screen.

"Addicted to Life"

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Note that you can win fantastic prizes that will be raffled online from sponsors, media partners and on the official  Facebook page for the Austrian tour, for all participants. Among free tickets and gifts, one of you will win a trip for the next shooting in Chamonix with the director. So stay tuned!