Motorcycling in Munich – Namlostal, Bavaria, Bavaria Germany

Route kind:
Round trip
Route length:
209 mi/336.35 km
Route duration:
8 hours
Munich is the capital of Bavaria State and one of its biggest cities. It is situated in the north of the Bavarian Alps on the River Isar and it is the third largest city in Germany, just behind Berlin and Hamburg.

Munich is a beautiful German city that offers much kind of activities to adventurous people. It is a hot spot for motorcyclists all over the world with the great number of routes that have to offer more than a riding experience. Motorcycling around Munich is a very popular activity that attracts many motorcyclists who want to enjoy their ride while admiring the beauty of the Bavarian Alps.

One of the most popular and magnificent route is Munich – Namlostal – Munich. It is a round trip that starts and ends in Munich. You will pass from highways but it is suggested to choose little roads if you want to live a pure experience of riding. Some sections are off-road so be prepared to ride some hard trails.

Every passage can be ridden, if you really want to! This trip is 209 mi/336.35 km long that lasts about 8 hours. There are many places where you can stop and have a snack or drink something but if you want you may bring some with you, especially water. Pay attention to the weather conditions since it is not safe to ride if snow, ice, storms and thunderstorms are announced by weather forecast.

Equipment and essential clothing include custom motorcycle, motorcycle helmet, motorcycle combination, motorcycle boots, motorcycle gloves, rain gear in bad weather and sufficient fuel.