Paragliding in Radsberg, Klagenfurt, Carinthia Austria

Altitude difference:
400 m/1312 ft
Haul, Walk and Fly, Dragons:
GPS Coordinates launching site:
+46° 34' 21", +14° 24' 10"
GPS Coordinates landing site:
46 ° 33'55 "N, 14 ° 24'29" E
Klagenfurt is situated in southern Austria. It lies in the middle region almost as far from Vienna to the northeast as from Innsbruck to the west. Klagenfurt is the sixth largest city in Austria and the capital of the federal state of Carinthia.

Klagenfurt is a very popular destination among air sport enthusiasts. In particular, there is an air sport that is being practiced a lot in the vicinity of Radsberg, paragliding. Radsberg is a beautiful valley located at 20 minutes in the south of Klagenfurt on the Sattnitz. It is a cozy flight area with 400 m /1312 ft height difference.

The spot is suitable for “5 minutes flight” ideally associated with a very picturesque “walk up”. It is also a starting point for haul flights eastwards -direction to Klopeinersee, southern of Karawankenblick to Slovenia and west to Gerlitze and Tschiernock. The wind is often favored over the higher flight areas.

It is a walk and fly spot so all you have to do is the following. Walk and then rise up to the sky. While gliding, enjoy the magnificent view above the valley and then land safely at the landing point. It is a nice destination with an amazing view and a snack bar.