Motorcycling in Vasto, Chieti, Abruzzo Italy

Majella Park:
740.95 km²/286.08 mi²
Gran Sasso-Monti della Laga Park:
2014 km²/777.6 mi²
The Apennines mountain chain creates impressive scenery and an excellent natural routes network in Abruzzo region, in central Italy which is ideal for the enthusiast of the two wheels.

Motorcycling in the Apennines mountain chain can be a very exciting adventure. The mild clime of the area allows motor – tours for longest period in an enjoyable countryside. This journey is addressed to those who prefer motorcycling in idyllic settings in low-traffic roads, enjoying the landscape. The fauna in this area is particular reach with many rare species and wild life.

The road conditions are very good and this route promises exciting moments with lots of curves and short straights and an incredible feeling of freedom. The Maiella National Park includes many scenic old villages with traditional gastronomy and lot of restaurants with excellent local cuisine. The journey starts in Vasto, ending after a 119 km/74 mi long ride in Castel di Sangro.