Four Wheel Driving in Folois Forest, Hleia, Peloponnese Region Greece

Duration of the tour:
About 6 hrs
Minimum Age:
8 yrs
Every Saturday or Sunday
The plateau of Folois nestles at the southwest foot of Mount Erymanthus, in Hleia. Its name derived from mythology and the king of the Centaurs, Follo, friend of Hercules. Folois forest, with the unrivaled natural beauty, is one of the largest oak forests in Europe.

In this beautiful forest scenery, the visitor can follow one of the many paths through the unspoiled nature, discover the most well hidden treasures and admire the rich flora and fauna. You may encounter foxes, weasels, ferrets, hedgehogs and different bird species. The location is also ideal for those looking for off road adventure in the magic forest.

You can participate in organised jeep tours, with your own 4×4 vehicle or rent one. In addition, drivers can also attend seminars about four wheel and off road driving. It is an one day adventure that lasts about six hours and the meeting point is the Forest of Foloi. You will pass through adventurous trails until you reach the beautiful Waterfall. The route is selected to participate four wheel drivers of all levels. It is advisable to have a small backpack, water, hat and raincoats. So if you are addicted to the amazing activity of four wheel driving, it is highly recommended to visit this place!