Mountain Biking in Dirfis Gravity Park, Euboea, Central Greece Region Greece

Skill level:
Intermediate and advanced
Best season:
Spring to late Fall
Euboea is the second largest island in Greece, located on the eastern coast of Central Greece and is worldwide known for the extraordinary natural phenomenon of the tide's changes, taking place on the Euripus strait.

With easy and fast access from Athens by car, train or bus over Chalkida bridge, connecting the Greek mainland with Euboea’s island, along with the combination of fantastic mountainous landscapes with incredible white sand beaches, Euboea is an ideal destination for all kinds of adventure holidays, all year round.

Steni is a mountainous village, situated on the foothills of Dirfis Mountain, stands at 1.745m/5.725ft high. Once you enter the village, you will be overwhelmed by the smell of the fresh mountain air and the sounds of the running water. One of the best ways to discover the area is to arrange an organized mountain bike tour that will introduce you to the wild side of Euboea.

For those who are into free-riding, Dirfis Gravity Park is the ideal spot. Suitable for intermediate and advanced mountain bikers, the park is located next to Steni village and offers the visitor extreme downhill trails such as the Big Bear, the Joker and Devils Pass. With an overwhelming alpine nature through dense forest and steep single track trails, this adventure is an exciting and fun ride.

The park provides with uplift services, water and first aid assistance. The best season to visit Dirfis Gravity Park is from early spring to late fall, where you can enjoy the blooming nature and the warm Mediterranean climate. Let the experienced guides lead you safely on a mountain bike free-ride adventure and allow yourself to enjoy a unique ride on the beautiful downhills on Euboea’s tallest mountain.