Motocross in Calverton MX Track, Calverton, New York USA

Urban, man-made
50 - 70 ft/ 15 - 21 m
Calverton is a hamlet in Suffolk County, New York, US. The community is located on the boarder of the towns of Riverhead and Brookhaven.

Calverton MX Track is an ideal place for all those who are interested in motocross experience. It is located on a once active naval industrial plant and offers four tracks, a peewee, 4×4, a super-cross track and a amateur and outdoor nationals track, ideal for all levels of ability. Calverton MX Track has an urban, man-made terrain with elevation of 50 to 70 ft/15 to 21 m.

The spot offers a separate sand pit area, which is open to free riding. The soil of the track has a lot of berms and sand. During Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 2 am to dark and weekends from 11 am to dark, the track is open for practice. Also, private riding lessons are available for all levels. The fact that the movie “Salt” staring Angelina Joli was filmed near this place, makes the spot worthy to be visited.

On the track you will find a few hazards, which are marked, but still drive with caution. So, enjoy your riding without limits. The track is mainly suitable for amateurs, some experts and little novices. Furthermore, night riding is not allowed and you are not required to carry a flag. The parking lot and entrance to the track are free.