Rock Climbing in Kamari, Euboea, Central Greece Region Greece

Number of routes:
Difficulty level:
5a to 7b
20-60 m (65.6-196.8 ft)
Kamari is a small village in the municipality of Liladia, on Euboea island, in Greece. It's located at 23 km/14.3 mi in the east of Chalkida, the capital city of Euboea. The stream of Atheros and Pirgaki mountain are the guards of this peaceful village.

In Kamari, you can relax and enjoy moments of pleasure, nature and fresh air. The people are friendly and close to their tradition. Near the village, two cemeteries have been discovered, one since the Roman period and one since Geometric period. In Kamari, there aren’t only silent monuments. You can find more life, adventure and adrenaline. On the spot, there are three  huge rocks, suitable for those who are addicted to rock climbing. There are three sectors, offering fifty routes in total.

In sector one, there are 27 routes, equipped with stainless steel plates and 2 connectors with link or karabiner to relay. Intermediate relay is being positioned, usually in the middle of the route. So, anyone can climb only with a halter. The rocks are under the shade after two o’clock in the afternoon, thus making this spot ideal for climbing in the summer.

In sector 2, there are 3 trad routes. In sector 3, the routes are under construction, however, lots of them have been already completed. Level of difficulty varies from 5a to 7b, and the height of the routes is at 20-60 m/65.6-196.8 ft. There is a rock climbing school, with experts at your disposal.

Near Kamari, you can find restaurants and bars, where you can have fun with your company. There are also, accommodations, with good service, hospitable people, that can give you the pleasure and the relaxation you need.