Motocross in Inman Motocross, Inman, Kansas USA

Climate Type:
Urban, man-made
1450 - 1500 ft /441.96 - 457 m
Whip Flags:
Not required
Inman is a city located in McPherson County, Kansas, United States. The city was named after Lake Inman, which is situated approximately 4 mi/6 km east of the town.

Having the motto “A Place People Choose to Call Home”, there is no better place to spend your spare time. If you want to enjoy your staying, Inman features an amazing motocross track that makes many motocross junkies cheerful every year.

Sitting at an elevation of 1450 to 1500 ft / 441.96 to 457 m, this urban, man-made track is all you need for your adventure. Mostly loose dirt, some mud, dust and trees are some of the features that you are required to increase the challenge. The track is covered by berms and little hard pack. Being a famous track, it is impossible to avoid ride traffic, so just reap the benefits and make your activity more challenging. The spot enables you to perform many small jumps, as well as some large. Keep in mind that there are a few hazards, which are marked, but please watch out! In order to ride, a membership is required and costs $ 100 per year.

The track is regularly monitored by the city police, so please be equipped with a track membership. Inman Motocross MX hosts mostly amateur riders, some novices and little experts. The parking lot, entrance and camping area are free. Last but not least, when you visit this spot, you are strongly recommended to bring you medical and motocross insurance as well.