Four Wheel Driving in Kissavos, Thessaly Region, Thessaly Region Greece

Minimum Age:
6 yrs
Best Period:
All Year
Mount Kissavos or Ossa, is situated on the east side of Thessaly region, facing the amazing Tempi Vale and Mount Olympus to the north, whereas to the west the beautiful plain of Larissa.

It is considered to be the place where the mountain meets the sea and history meets the myth. In fact, this stunning location offers many opportunities for outdoor activities and extreme sports, such as canyoning and mountain biking. It is also ideal for those looking for off road adventures! There is a great variety of routes through dense greenery and breathtaking scenery, addressed to four wheel drivers of all experience levels.

You will pass through forest roads and rivers and visit old monasteries and beautiful traditional mansions. In addition, it is an one day adventure that takes place every weekend, all year round. Keep in mind that, you can also participate in an organised jeep tour with your own 4×4 vehicle. The meeting point is in the village of Velika, located approximately 45 km/ 28 mi away from Larissa. Finally, do not miss the opportunity to visit some of the many picturesque villages and buy natural herbs, such as thyme and oregano.