Snowboarding in Bansko Ski Resort, Bansko, Bulgaria

Night Skiing:
Bansko is a mountain ski area, located in the south-western part of Bulgaria. It lies between the two banks of the Glazne river and at the foot of the Pirin mountains, being the highest part of the resort. The town of Bansko is situated 160 km / 99 mi far from the capital of Sofia.

As winter sets in, one’s desire to get in touch with the snow environment comes naturally. And Bansko Ski Resort is a place that gathers all snowboarding enthusiasts every year. By offering excellent snow conditions, from December to May, this resort is full of snowboarding junkies. Just become one of them and enjoy the activity of snowboarding without limits. It is the extreme fan park, which is the first one in the Balkans, that will add extra adrenaline to all snowboarding enthusiasts.

All levels of snowboarding can have fun here, that’s why the resort offers 35% of trails for beginner snowboarders, 40% for intermediate snowboarders and 20 % of trails are at the experts disposal. The pistes of the resort cover 70 km / 43 mi. In order to have excellent snow conditions during the whole ski season, 260 snow cannons cover 90% of the ski slopes.

As far as the lifts are concerned, you will find 8-seats Gondola, 5 high speed quads, one 3-seat lift, 7 drags and 10 baby drags on spot. Furthermore, in Bansko ski resort you can enjoy your activity even during night hours.

After your performance you can continue having fun by exploring the amazing Bansko. You can find accommodation facilities, shops, restaurants and many other interesting spots where you can have fun.