Four Wheel Driving in Didibeng Mountain Park, Fouriesberg, Free State South Africa

Distance :
The Free State is situated on the flat boundless plains in the heart of South Africa. Known locally as the "breadbasket" of South Africa, it is the agricultural city and most of its land is at 1000 m/3281 ft above sea level. It is the land of rugby, sunny skies and characterized by a continental climate, with warm to hot summers and cool to cold winters.

Didibeng is a 4×4 nature park in the Eastern part of Free State and offers a breathtaking scenery with a breath of fresh air, revatilising your senses. It is situated at 3 km/1.9 mi from Fouriesberg and is adjacent to the Meiringskloof, a beautiful kloof, surrounded by sandstone cliffs with open caves, thick indigenous bush and rich in bird life.

The Didibeng 4×4 trail is a circular route with various detours, covering a distance of 34 km/21 mi and lasting between 5-6 hours.

It is a self drive route, graded from 3-5 and can be driven all year round. However, in some cases, when there is rain, it is better to make a phone in advance and get informed on conditions since the route can be inaccessible, especially during summer, due to overnight rains. The terrain is characterized by sand, clay, basalt stone and rocky mountain passes.