Snowboarding in Kaimaktsalan, Pella, Macedonia Region Greece

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All children like snow because they enjoy the game with the snowballs, the snow war with their friends as well as competing each other who is going to make the best snowman.

When you get older, maybe you continue the same game. But, some of you, when the snow drops, you have a different game in your mind.

Something harder than the snow war, something that makes the snowman being drifted away by the power, the passion and the playful moves of your body. The snowboard lovers understand this different kind of game.

So, when the first snowflakes drop, take your board and let’s explore the snowboard fun park of Kaimakatsalan ski center. It’s the third highest mountain in Greece with an altitude of 2524 m/8280 ft. It’s on the border between Greece and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, in the regional unit of Pella and it’s known as Voras.

Prepare yourself for somersault and jump, because the snowboard fun park is waiting for you. Breath and let your body free. In the ski center, you can find snowboard schools, with experts at your disposal. There is also, a chalet, bar and restaurant for time out.

Before starting the descents, visit first the old church of St. Ilias, dated since the first World War, and pray for yourself. In its basement, there is a cenotaph of the war’s victims. Don’t lose the opportunity to visit the old St. Athanasius, at 9 km/5 mi away from the center. It’s a small traditional village, where you can take a break and enjoy the hospitality of the villagers, the good food and of course the really good wine. In the village there are accommodation options.