Skydiving in Oberhausen, Ruhr Area, North Rhine-Westphalia Germany

Standing up,sitting, on the head, on the back
Oberhausen is situated on the river Emscher in the Ruhr area, Germany. The city is nestled between Duisburg and Essen. It is famous for the biggest mall in Europe, Centro.

Air sports are very popular in Oberhausen. One of them is freeflying. It is an extension of skydiving that is practiced around Ruhr area. The beginning spot is at the Airport Loemuehle. There is of course a introductory training session before flying where you will learn the basics as landing, parachutes technology, tricks and more.

While freeflying, applicable air regulations are applied. So if you are over 100 kg before flying, you can’t practice skydiving since once taking-off, you shouldn’t be more than 115 kg/253 lb. The procedure is the same so you will have a flight of about an hour – or an hour and a half and then you will jump off the plane! You will fly in a standing up position, sitting, on the head and on the back.

Each one of these positions is allowed and will give you all the freedom you want. You will have an adrenaline shot as it is the most liberating form of skydiving! While flying, admire the magnificent view and clean your head from unpleasant thoughts. You can fly alone or in a group. Any choice you make, it is certain that you will have a blast!