Paragliding in Neuss-Holzheim, Dusseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia Germany

Altitude valley:
65 m /213.3 ft
Haul, Towing:
Maximum flight altitude:
675 - 750 m/2214 - 2460 ft
GPS Coordinates:
51 ° 8 '52.86'' N, 6 ° 38' 11.84'' E
Düsseldorf is the center of the Rhine – Ruhr metropolitan region and the capital city of the German state of North Rhine – Westphalia. It is known for its fine arts, its relatively large Japanese community and its pioneering influence on experimental – electronic music. Nonetheless, Düsseldorf is also famous for its extreme sports activities, being performed in the wider area.

Paragliding is a very popular sport in Düsseldorf. There are many places where paragliding is being performed and one of them is in Neuss – Holzheim. The two haul “Vokrather field” is centrally located in North Rhine Westphalia, in the metropolitan area of the cities of Düsseldorf, Cologne, Aachen and Mönchengladbach.

Ideal proximity to the area is with the cities of Duisburg, Krefeld, Oberhausen, Essen and Bochum. With more than 1200 m /3937 ft long tow line in shallow Rhineland and southwest or northeast orientation, ideal in the usual local wind direction, the terrain allows not only super release height but also due to the large – scale thermals, long flights in which any ambitious paraglider can have a blast!

Also, the easy accessible by car point is a real plus for this site class. Before launching your adventure, you receive a brief introduction and then after you check your equipment, off you go! While flying over the North Rhine Westphalia area, you can admire the magnificent view while identifying the Bergische Land Solingen, Wuppertal and Remscheid!

Then you will safely land at the landing point in front of loved ones and spectators. It is an experience you shouldn’t miss.