Skydiving in Klagenfurt Airport, Klagenfurt, Carinthia Austria

Jumping height:
3000 m/9842 ft
Free fall:
1 min
Height parachute opens:
1500 m/4921 ft
Gliding time:
5-7 min
Klagenfurt is situated in southern Austria. It lies in the middle region almost as far from Vienna to the northeast as from Innsbruck to the west. Klagenfurt is the sixth largest city in Austria and the capital of the federal state of Carinthia.

Klagenfurt has become popular among skydivers, due to its air sporting activity and especially skydiving. Skydiving is taking place at Klagenfurt airport. It is a small airport that serves many European cities. On spot, you will have the opportunity to try this incredible air sport alone or together with your friends.

Your friends can wait for you at the landing site in order to for them to admire your flight with an open view from the valley. Alternatively, they may join on the aircraft and watch you jump off! Whatever you choose, it will be amazing. At first, you will get some instructions and then after you put on your equipment you are ready to go.

Bear in mind that you should wear comfortable sport clothes and preferably flat sport shoes because hook and loop fastener shoes can be lost when jumping. The flight up to the dropping point lasts about 30 minutes and once you reach at 3000 m /9842 ft high, just check your equipment for a last time and go for the high jump!

The free fall lasts about a minute while you can make formations if you join other people. Just screaming is also an option! When falling and reaching at a height of 1500 m /4921 ft above the ground, you or your tandem master will launch the gigantic parachute and then the relaxing part of your great adventure begins.

For nearly 5 to 7 minutes just enjoy the unique panoramic view over the Wörthersee  Lake and Karawankenblick with good view over Grossglockner. Faster than you think, you land on the ground safely and gently at the landing point. It is essential that you make a booking beforehand. Don’t miss this amazing adventure of a lifetime.