Skydiving in Robertson Valley, Cape Winelands, Western Cape South Africa

Free Fall:
40 Sec
Cape Winelands is an area of vast vines and vineyards as the name suggests. Situated in the north east of Cape Town, it constitutes fertile green valleys, towns and villages surrounded by proud mountains. It is characterized by Mediterranean Climate and the winter rain contributes to the famous wine production which can be found in most of the world's corners.

Robertson also known as the “valley of wine and roses” offers an amazing skydiving experience. Skydiving is conducted at the Robertson airfield, operating daily and subject to bookings. You get to fly at 11000 ft/3352 m above the ground with 5-7 minutes parachute ride, before a thrilling 40 seconds free fall.

Weight limit is 110 kg/242 lb. The spot accommodates all levels of skydiving, even first time jumpers. There is always an option of tandem skydiving as well as experienced jumpers have the opportunity to sky dive after a brief orientation session.