Skysurfing in Lillo, Toledo, Castilla-La Mancha Spain

Max Feet:
12500 ft/3810 m
1 Pilatus Turbo Porter A-34 B2H4, 1 Cessna Caravan 208B
USPA Membership Required:
AAD Required:
Lillo is located in the south of Madrid at the province of Toledo. This small farming town lies near La Guardia, Tembleque and Almaguer. Apart from its agriculture caracter, Lillo is also well known for its skydiving center: Skydive Lillo.

Ski surfing is skydiving with a board attached to your feet, giving you the opportunity to perform various surfing tricks on air. The boards looks like snowboards or small surfboards. The diver has also the ability to remove the board anytime he wishes.

Proper coaching is very important for this kind of sport. At the droping zone, you can find qualified instructors, who organize usually courses of 2 persons max. Theory courses covers the equipment, safety / emergency procedures, flying positions, pulling and landing.  There are two day courses, covering the theory and 6 coached sky surfing jumps. Minimum of 300 flights are required.

At the landing zone you will find help for everything concerning your equipment like assembling, packing, maintenance and checking. There are also many services including team rooms, video recording, hire shop, and resting areas.