Skydiving in Lillo, Toledo, Castilla-La Mancha Spain

Max Height:
12500 ft/3810 m
1 Pilatus Turbo Porter A-34 B2H4, 1 Cessna Caravan 208B
USPA Membership Required:
AAD Required:
Lillo is located in the south of Madrid at the province of Toledo. This small farming town lies near La Guardia, Tembleque and Almaguer. Apart from its agriculture character, Lillo is well known for its skydiving center.

Accelerated Free-fall or AFF is the fastest and most intensive way of learning how to skydive. It is also the most up-to-date method and teaches the newcomer the basics of skydiving in a safe and fun way.

At the aeroclub, you can be trained to be a skydiver from scratch. There are classes for beginners through the worldwide recognized method of Accelerated Freefall. The tandem jump that is always been performed with a qualified instructor, starts from 9000 ft/2743 m. The weather in Central Spain is particularly suited for student jumping, with low average wind speeds and plenty of sunshine.

The AFF course and ten follow up solo jumps (known as consolidation jumps) can be completed over a period of a week or even less, depending on the student’s skills and abilities. At the teaching drop zone, there are also coaching courses on skydiving, free-flying, canopy control and 4-way formation skydiving team training for the advanced ones. So come along and conquer the skies!!