Skiing in La Pinilla, Segovia, Castilla y Leon Spain

There are:
24 pistes
Maximum altitude is:
Snowboard area of:
La Pinilla is located in the Sierra de Ayllon mountains, in the province of Segovia, at 100 km/62 mi from Madrid. The closest town is Riaza, at 5 minutes from the ski area and the resort is known to be uncrowded.

It offers 24 pistes of a total of 20 km/12.4 mi covered by 14 lifts, and a vertical drop of 776 m (2545 ft). Furthermore, the spot provides 10 ski tows, 3 chair lifts and 1 gondola and is equipped with 189 artificial snow cannons.

The first lift is at 1500 m (4921 ft) while the top elevation is Pico del Lobo peak at 2273 m (7457 ft). Most pistes have an intermediate difficulty but there are also 4 beginner and 7 easy trails, suitable for less experienced skiers. There are a few shops and schools to buy, repair or even rent your equipment.