Mountain Biking in Ceasar Creek, Cincinnati, Ohio USA

Trails length:
Total 14 mi/22.5 km
Elevation change:
135 ft/41 m
Trail level:
Trail type:
Cincinnati is situated in Hamilton County, Ohio, USA. The city is nestled on the north bank of the Ohio river right at the border of Ohio-Kentucky, near Indiana.

Near Cincinnati lies one amazing, mountain bike, trail network that has a lot of things to offer to any mountain biker, who wishes a pure hard, but also scenic ride. The network is situated next to the lake and has about 14 mi/22.5 km of mountain biking trails with an average elevation change of 135 ft/41 m.

The trails can be ridden in many ways, such as loop or out and back. The hills on the trail keep it rolling. Descents are steep and the ascents can also be challenging. The terrain is varied, difficult in parts, easier in other parts with many twisty and tight singletrack trails lined with small trees.

There are tree leaves all over the trails in the fall that might slip you up, so be extra careful. Even if you rode these trails a hundred times, they never get old. They have a lot to offer like, crazy and steep descents, quick technical sections and leg burning climbs.

If you are a fun of groomed and smooth trails, these are not for you. They will make you work, avoiding many obstacles such as rocks, ruts and roots. Challenging, technical and rolling singletrack trails full fun. Go for it and you will never regret it!!