Mountain Biking in Emmetten Bike Arena, Lucern, Switzerland

Trail length:
250 – 300 m/820 - 984 ft
Time required:
15 minutes - 1 hour
Level of difficulty:
Lucerne is the capital of the Canton of Lucerne and the district of Lucerne. It is situated on the shore of Lake Lucerne with a sight of Rigi and Mount Pilatus on the Swiss Alps, in the north central Switzerland, the German speaking part of the country. Lucerne is the most populous city in central Switzerland and a nexus of telecommunications, government and transportation of this region. Lucerne has always been a very attractive destination for tourists.

In Emmetten near Lucerne, there are plenty opportunities for outdoor activities as the entire city and its surroundings constitute a huge bike arena. Mountain Biking North Shore is just one of the Mountain Bike styles that are practiced here. The Wooden Trail where you can practice Mountain Biking North Shore is simply amazing.

It is a circular trail of 250 – 300 m / 820 – 984 ft long on the boardwalk, where fun and skills are on the foreground. This trail leads up and down just like a roller-coaster through many curves and around various obstacles. Embedded by a unique forest scenery, the spot can be enjoyed especially at the playful side of the mountain bike sport.

Basics of bike control are a prerequisite for this trail. At least the blue items (better if they are red) of the Natural bike park should be mastered. If you are a Mountain Biking North Shore enthusiast, you will have a blast on that trail.