Paragliding in Carmona Ridge, Cavite, Cavite The Philippines

Take off height:
Best season:
November to June
Carmona is an urban municipality, located in the Cavite province, less than an hour away from the Philippine's capital city of Manila. As Carmona evolved from a rural town into a city with stable economy, it is now considered to be the center of sports and investment of Cavite.

Apart from the golf clubs and the popular sport racing venues, there is a place that offers the perfect spot for paragliding enthusiasts. Widely known as Carmona Ridge, this site is a playground for kiters and paraglliders from all over the world.

Taking off spot is located on a ridge, facing the east at approximately 374 ft/114 m high. The wide open space with tall grass below the taking-off spot is just ideal for landing. In order to reach the Carmona Ridge, you can hike for about half an hour through an easy trail with tall grass, until you reach the take off point. However, if weather is rainy, the trail gets really muddy and hard to walk, so it is best to drive up with a 4×4 car.

The spot is flyable from November to late June, with mainly east and southeast winds that give you the opportunity to enjoy long and exciting flights. The best uplifting thermal winds usually blow during the afternoon. However, you can have fun with ridge soaring flights in the morning, ideal for all skill level paragliders.

The views of the area and nature around are just incredible, allowing you to stare at endless grasslands and tropical tress just under your feet. There are schools with experienced instructors that can provide you with the necessary gear and introduce you to the world of this high adrenaline sport. If you are planning a visit in the Philippines, then paragliding at Carmona Ridge is certainly a must-do activity.