Paintball in Baselland/Liesberg, Basel, Switzerland

Playing fields:
In total 80+
Smoke machine:
Basel is situated where the borders of Switzerland, France and Germany meets in northeast Switzerland, right on river Rhine. Its suburbs also extend in France and Germany. Basel is the third largest city in Switzerland and the third most populous city as well as the most important cultural centers of Switzerland.

Moreover, Basel is also known for its big paintball activity. In Liesberg, a huge paintball field lies near Basel with indoors and outdoors terrains.

The indoor terrain host three distinctive arenas. The first arena (Impact Arena) is the small one with 1000 m²/10764 ft², scenarios with 20 obstacles such as castles and houses, equipped with bulletproof glass. The spot also offers very good lighting, so you will have a pleasant game. Furthermore, the floor is covered with carpet floor so the game is secured. In the middle, there is also a smoke machine that provides with the necessary filling.

This arena is suitable for 6 people or more. The second arena is exactly like the first one, the Impact Arena, with the same features. The third arena is the big one with 2000 m² /21528 ft², with 40 obstacles such as castles and houses all bulletproof, a carpet for secure and comfortable game and a smoke machine in the center of the field for the right atmosphere.

The particular field measures 80 m /262.5 ft in length, making it the longest in Switzerland. The third field is made for 16 people or more. The outdoor terrain offers three arenas. All of them are identical of 1000 m² / 10764 ft² of playing field, obstacles such as metal walls, roofed houses etc., a roofed tribune and a full floor carpet for your safety.

The one of the two fields is for 16+ persons, the second is for 10 + persons and the third for 20+ people. If you get tired or done playing, you can have a break at the lounge and bar and have a snack or something to eat. The facility also includes restrooms, shower cabins, wardrobes and a big parking space. Come and enjoy the thrill of an adrenaline shot!