Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Plage du Reposoir, Geneva, Switzerland

Best wind direction:
Wind speed:
16-25 knots/18.4-28.8 mph
Best time to visit:
September to November
Only in weekends
Styles of kitesurfing:
freestyle, freeride, bump and jump
Geneva is the capital city of the Republic and Canton of Geneva. It is the second most populous city in Switzerland and the most populous city of Romandy which is the French speaking part of Switzerland. Geneva is situated where Rhone river exits Lake Geneva. Geneva is an international destination, a worldwide center for diplomacy, a financial hub and the most important home base for numerous international organisations.

One of the lakes near Geneva, Plage du Reposoir is a great spot for kite-surfing. It is right outside the city only within a couple of minutes on your way to Lausanne.  It is very easy to find and there is parking except from summer time when you will have to search a lot to find a parking space. Spot quality is good and the level of experience established.

Styles of kite-surfing that you can perform are freestyle, free-ride, bump and jump. The wind in its best form blows from the northeast with a speed of 16-25 knots/18.4-28.8 mph. Best relative direction is side – onshore. Generally, there is not much wind blowing and especially in autumn, you can get the wind howling down the lake while if blowing, it is great for evening sessions.

Water quality is clean, there are no currents and it is a deep lake with no tide dependency. On week days, it is not very crowded but on weekends is very crowded. You should be aware of other water crafts while kite-surfing. Best time to visit the spot is from September to November.

If you find yourself in Geneva, don’t miss the opportunity to try kite-surfing in Plage du Reposoir. It is an experience you will love!