Paragliding in El Pescadero, Baja California Sur, Baja California Sur Mexico

Lowest air temperature (February):
23°21′51″N, 110°10′6″W
If you are a paraglider, you will surely fall in love with this extraordinary village, as it meets any expectation for someone like you, an Xtremer!!!

El Pescadero village is situated in the La Paz municipality of the Mexican Baja California Sur state. It is found at 39.7 mi/64 km on Federal Highway 19 on the Pacific Ocean, about 5 mi/8 km south of Todos Santos, that is almost one hour drive north of Cabo San Lucas.

El Pescadero’s climate is featured as the best of the entire state. It is heavily influenced by the Pacific Ocean, which moderates the temperatures all year round. In the summer, ocean breezes keep the heat at manageable levels. Winter and spring, are marked by warm days and much cooler nights.

Though there are not many paragliding schools, it’s a great place to exert paragliding if you’ve already experienced the sport. We have no words to say about the intense winds or whatever makes this place the most appropriate for paragliding sport. All we can say is that you have to try it!!!

Just wear your swimwear and generally comfortable clothing, sandals, hat, sunglasses and what is more, sunscreen. There is also the possibility of using a paramotor, by far the safest form of ultralight flight, attached to a paraglider to allow its pilot powered flight. Powered Paragliders can fly up to 18000 ft/5486 m, 2.5 flying hours on a single tank of gas and 20-40 mph/32-64 kph of general airspeed.

The village has a few accommodations, bars and restaurants, several grocery stores and gas station. Every March, it hosts the Chili and Strawberry Festival, celebrating and promoting the area’s agriculture. El Pescadero is a great destination to relax as much as to have fun. Practice your extreme sport, try the wonderful Mexican cuisine and enjoy the natural beauty of the area!