Wakeboarding in Tunisee, Freiburg, Baden-Wuerttemberg Germany

Max Speed:
60 kph / 37 mph
Best season:
April to October
Tunisee is a nine hectare lake in the wider area of Freiburg in south Germany. The ideal position with wide sunbathing areas, the water quality and the easy access make Tunisee the perfect destination for anyone and especially for wake-boarding lovers.

The right time to go there is between April and October and you can either choose the camping or another of the hotels nearby Freiburg. You can find there anything you want about wakeboarding, from schools to equipment in really low prices or completely free.

The water temperature is about 19°C/66.20°F and the maximum speed is 60 kph/37 mph, but if you are a beginner don’t worry because you will only start with a speed of about 20 or 25 kph/12.50-15.50 mph. Apart from that, the length of the rope varies according to the boarder”s skill level. Instead of motorboats in Tunisee, special ski lifts are used with five masts for the drive, which means that it can afford eight people at the same time wake-boarding around for about 650 m/2132 ft.

Life jackets are necessary and probably provided. The set off is done on a ramp and usually the return is on foot along the lake’s shore as a relaxation exercise for the muscles, which you will possibly need.