Paragliding in Agia Lavra, Kalavrita, Peloponnese Region Greece

Take Off Altitude:
918 m/3011 ft
Best Wind Directions:
Kalavrita is a small picturesque town, located in Achaia. It is a popular tourist destination that attracts visitors both winter and summer months. The well-known ski resort, the amazing Cave of the Lakes and the beautiful pine forests are only some of the challenges in the region.

If you wish to admire the stunning views of the area from high above, then you should try paragliding in Agia Lavra, located only ten minutes away from Kalavrita. The flight affords a breathtaking view of some picturesque villages and the stunning Vouraikos Valley. The take off altitude is at 918 m/3011 ft above sea level and the take off point is found at 38°1’0″ (38.0168)N; 22°4’29” (22.0748)E. Note that, there is no inclination in the take off area.

In addition, the ideal wind direction is from west and the spot is suitable for paragliders of all skill levels. Favored with amazing Mediterranean climate, the spot accommodates paragliders at any time of the year. So, if you find yourself in the area, do not miss the opportunity to visit the historic monastery of Agia Lavra, which is linked with the Greek War of Independence in 1821.