June 12 6:00 pm

FMX at Red Bull X-Fighters

Doors Open:
6:00 pm
Start Webcast (redbullxfighters.com):
9:30 pm (with exclusive Round 1 coverage)
Start Red Bull TV & Live-TV:
10:00 pm
End Event/TV:
11:30 pm
Athens, the capital city of Greece, is about to host for the first time, the 15th season of the ultimate FMX World Tour, Red Bull X-Fighters in an amazing venue inside Dionyssos Marble Quarry.

Like a journey back in antiquity, the riders of Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour 2015 will compete in skills and style in the majestic Dionyssos Marble Quarry – a place from where since the ancient Greece, marbles were obtained in order to build the Acropolis monument and many more classic monuments and statues during the Golden Age of Pericles.

"Red Bull X-Fighters"

With the participation of some of the greatest Freestyle Motocross riders in the world, visitors from Greece as well as fans from around the world through Red Bull TV, are about to witness mind-blowing tricks and intense competition in a breathtaking scenery.

"Red Bull X-Fighters"

Defending champion Josh Sheehan, is prepared to compete against three ex-champions determined to end the Australia’s regime on top of the world’s most prestigious freestyle motocross series with their bags of new tricks.

Red Bull X-Fighters

So prepare to be thrilled and amazed in one more stop of the Red Bull X-Fighetrs, for the first time in Athens, Greece and book your tickets early cause this is a once in a lifetime experience that no one should miss!

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See you there!