Paragliding in Sir Lowry’s Pass, False Bay, Western Cape South Africa

Wind Factor:
False Bay is a body of water characterized by Cape Hangklip and Cape Peninsula, located in the southwest of South Africa. The bay is 30 km/18.7 mi wide, offering a Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers and wet damp winters. The east and western shores of the bay are rocky and mountainous with visible peaks rising from the waters, while the northern side comprises a long, curving beach.

Sir Lowry’s Pass offers para-glider an amazing experience. The spot offers soaring and cross-country with breathtaking views of Gordon Bay across False Bay.The long mountain chain extends consistently to the south. Launch altitude stands at 320-420 m/1050-1378 ft above sea level and level of difficulty is graded as basic.

Predominant winds are from the southwest and west with wind strengths at 15-20 knots. Flight ceiling on the other hand lies between 1200-2000 m/3937-6561 ft above sea level.