Wind Surfing in Loutraki Beach, Loutraki, Peloponnese Region Greece

Wind's Direction:
North easterlies or westerlies
Loutraki is a well-known seaside resort, located on the Gulf of Corinth, in Corinthia, Greece. This summer paradise is located just 65 km / 40 mi west of Athens and about 4 mi / 6 km northwest of Corinth. It is the seat of the municipality Loutraki-Agioi Theodoroi.

Loutraki is known for its therapeutic spas, natural springs and many other impressive sightseeing around the town. Thanks to its crystal and clean water, Loutraki is called a summer paradise. The beaches of Loutraki have something to offer to everyone. Especially water sport lovers, can greatly enjoy themselves in the famous Loutraki Beach. It is a 2.5 mi / 4 km gravel beach, with an array of excellent hotels, cafes and restaurants.

From a wide range of water activities that can be experienced in Loutraki Beach, the activity of windsurfing takes the prize. It is a popular sport at Loutraki Beach in both summer and winter seasons. This spot hosts all levels of windsurfing abilities, offering great conditions for an enjoyable activity.

At this spot, the winds are strong north easterlies or westerlies. The southeast wind as well as the mistral wind that blows from west and northwest are ideal for slalom. When the mistral wind is not too strong, it is ideal for wave. The northeast wind, which most of the time is strong, blows with extreme velocities reaching 45 to 60 kn / 83 to 111 kph. Being a densely populated beach, Loutraki Beach is endowed with lifeguards. You should also have to know that during summer months, you might face difficulties with the parking lot.

Either practicing any activity or just visiting the beach, it is certain that you will have a great time!!!